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(news from K & L Gates)

Swan song for Mary; Ralph encores for Fios Fall Case Law Update

Ralph Losey graciously agreed to continue our conversation over emerging case law tomorrow (Wednesday, October 27) at 1PM EST/10 PM EST.  Register here.

We will be talking about the “gang that couldn’t spoliate straight”,  Judge Grimm’s highly instructive and entertaining look at Victor Stanley Revisited.  We will also talk about an ERISA case (YAWN) with ediscovery wagging the tail of the dog (ok, awake now).  We are probably going to walk through the Maguire Woods opinion on the unrequited 502 clawback.    Ralph has written on these three cases extensively, as is his custom, for his wonderful ediscovery team blog.

Fios graciously moved up the date so I could say goodbye properly to the extraordinary listeners and participants of the webcast series I have been honored to host–and have some last week fun.

Come join us.  Register here.

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  1. » The Wire (10/28)-Prolaw in Albuquerque; PDFs suck Legal Tech Wire Says:

    [...] Looks like the Editor missed a webinar on recent case law from Mary Mack and Ralph Losey, but didn’t miss Ms. Mack’s swan song on the Fios blog. [...]

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