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  • Discovery of Social Networking Sites
  • Kids' Access to Mom's Email Account Waives Attorney-Client Privilege
  • Court Orders Sharing of Non-Party's Discovery Costs, Cites Lack of "Spirit of Cooperation or Efficiency" as "Controlling Factor"
  • Must-haves for your e-discovery toolkit

(news from K & L Gates)

Really? Court finds that Producing Party had breached its duty to preserve relevant data

It appears that the US District Court in Utah has found that the dearth of critical documentation from the Defendant’s productions were a significant contributor to the ruling.  Continue reading

Using Keyword Search Terms in EDiscovery and How They Relate to Issues of Responsiveness

This article from the Richmond Journal of Law & Technology examines linguistics, statistics and technology issues and how they relate to keyword search technologies.

Gregory L. Fordham, Using Keyword Search Terms in EDiscovery and How They Relate to Issues of Responsiveness, Privilege, Evidence Standards, and Rube Goldberg, 15 RICH. J.L. & TECH. 8

Litigation support and e-discovery: A clear path

“The use of good project management skills during an e-discovery process can help you navigate your way through a mass of information.” This article, which discusses the role of Project Management in  e-discovery is from, an online journal which is dedicated exclusively to commercial lawyers in the UK and major international jurisdictions.  The authors even reference The Ramones, which certainly adds flair to an article about eDisclosure, as it’s known there.
Read more here

Webcast: Socha-Gelbmann Update — LegalTech New York, EDRM & e-Discovery Trends

Tues. Feb. 10 — Hear George Socha and Tom Gelbmann discuss the activities that took place at LegalTech New York, developments in the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) projects and overall e-discovery trends to follow in 2009. Complimentary. Details and registration info.

George Socha – E-Discovery Organized

Nice article on “Innovators & Influencers” in InformationWeek. Showcases George’s efforts on creating the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) with Tom Gelbmann. Read more here.

The 4th EDRM Kick-Off Meeting

May 8 and 9, 2008 – St. Paul, Minnesota – Celebrate the conclusion of the EDRM Evergreen, Code of Conduct, Metrics 2, and XML 2 projects; Launch EDRM Evergreen 2; and EDRM Code of Conduct 2; EDRM Metrics 3; EDRM XML 3. Click here for more info / RSVP

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