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  • Kids' Access to Mom's Email Account Waives Attorney-Client Privilege
  • Court Orders Sharing of Non-Party's Discovery Costs, Cites Lack of "Spirit of Cooperation or Efficiency" as "Controlling Factor"
  • Must-haves for your e-discovery toolkit
  • Court Holds there is a Reasonable Expectation of Privacy in the Contents of Emails

(news from K & L Gates)

The Posse List interviews Mary Mack and Dennis Kiker on collaborative e-discovery

As part of our their new series “’Data! Data! Data!’ — Cures for a General Counsel’s ESI Nightmares,” The Posse List interviewed Mary Mack and Dennis Kiker. They discuss collaboration and documentation for defensibility among inside and outside counsel, between IT and legal, among joint defense groups and during productions… how to get control of the discovery process. Here’s the interview on the Posse List site: An interview with Mary Mack and Dennis Kiker of Fios: collaborative e-discovery technology and services, and putting it all in perspective.

Webcast: The End of e-Discovery As We Know It?

12/9 – Be sure to register for this webcast featuring an outstanding panel of e-discovery experts discussing what’s wrong (and right) with the current e-discovery rules and system.  Moderated by Mary Mack, the panel members include:

  • Richard Braman, Executive Director of the Sedona Conference
  • Craig Merritt, Christian & Barton LLP & former member of The American College of Trial Lawyers Task Force on Discovery
  • Bruce Parker, Partner, Venable LLP – Lawyers for Civil Justice

More information / register >


Webcast: Sedona Conference Update: Achieving Quality in the E-Discovery Process

Wed. 10/07 - Learn about The Sedona Conference’s recently released document “Achieving Quality in the E-Discovery Process.” The speakers will discuss “quality measures” such as processes, tools, techniques, methods and metrics that can be applied during the discovery workflow process. More info / register >

Webcast: The Value of Project Management in e-Discovery

Tue. 9/29 — Learn about the impact of project management on the efficiency, cost and outcome predictability of e-discovery projects. Discussion will include the value and implications of project management and expected outcomes, the law firm environment, and building PM expertise.  More info / register >

UP CLOSE: David Waxse

“The law of e-discovery has largely been driven by a handful of federal judges who realized early on [that] electronic evidence was going to be a big issue in their courtrooms. Sound Evidence blogger and e-Discovery Corporate Counsel Mary Mark of Fios, says. “Fortunately, some of them have tackled it aggressively and have given guidance to a lot of other courts and judges.” Read some fun facts about one of the pioneering e-Discovery judges,Kansas Magistrate Judge David J. Waxse here.

Really? Court finds that Producing Party had breached its duty to preserve relevant data

It appears that the US District Court in Utah has found that the dearth of critical documentation from the Defendant’s productions were a significant contributor to the ruling.  Continue reading

European Data Protection Directive

RAND Europe led an international research team to review of the strengths and weaknesses of the European Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC and proposed avenues for improvement.

The Directive can be regarded as a unique legal instrument in how it supports the exercise of a right to privacy and rules for personal data protection. It is regarded in many quarters as a reference model for personal data protection in Europe and beyond. Although the flexibility of the Directive helps it to remain current, its effectiveness is undermined by the complexity of the cultural and national differences across which it must operate.

“The goal of Directive is to remain validcontinue…

Using Keyword Search Terms in EDiscovery and How They Relate to Issues of Responsiveness

This article from the Richmond Journal of Law & Technology examines linguistics, statistics and technology issues and how they relate to keyword search technologies.

Gregory L. Fordham, Using Keyword Search Terms in EDiscovery and How They Relate to Issues of Responsiveness, Privilege, Evidence Standards, and Rube Goldberg, 15 RICH. J.L. & TECH. 8

Litigation support and e-discovery: A clear path

“The use of good project management skills during an e-discovery process can help you navigate your way through a mass of information.” This article, which discusses the role of Project Management in  e-discovery is from, an online journal which is dedicated exclusively to commercial lawyers in the UK and major international jurisdictions.  The authors even reference The Ramones, which certainly adds flair to an article about eDisclosure, as it’s known there.
Read more here

Webcast: Tips on How to Lead Project Management Planning to Balance Scope, Time and Budget

5/12 – Litigation support professionals are continually challenged to manage time, scope and budget within electronic discovery projects. In this webcast: project management lessons learned and project planning to achieve successful productions. Details here.

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