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  • Kids' Access to Mom's Email Account Waives Attorney-Client Privilege
  • Court Orders Sharing of Non-Party's Discovery Costs, Cites Lack of "Spirit of Cooperation or Efficiency" as "Controlling Factor"
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Fios Webinar: State e-Discovery: An Important Year for Changes

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Map of E-Discovery State Rules

State E-Discovery: An Important Year for changes
: Thursday December 09 at 1:00 PM ET (60 Min)
Register today for this free webinar.

Last year at this time, 23 states had adopted e-discovery procedural rules to reflect the 2006 amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. By year’s end, the count will be up to 36.

In his fourth annual Fios webcast, Tom Allman, the leading expert on state e-discovery rules, will provide an update on state-level activities. Fios’ Rebecca James will moderate this informative session, which will cover the following topics:

  • The new states adopting amendments
  • The


Webcast: e-Discovery Case Law Update – Winter/Spring 2010

Wed. 3/24 – Mary Mack welcomes Charles W. Cohen (Partner, Co-Chair, eDiscovery Practice Group, Hughes Hubbard and Reed LLP) for Fios’ quarterly e-discovery case law update. They will explore recent court decisions, including Judge Scheindlin’s most recent ruling; the impact these cases may have and are already having; and tactics and strategies organizations should consider to help control their e-discovery costs and risks. More info / register >

Webcast: Ambrogi’s View on e-Discovery Trends for 2010

1/26 – Robert (Bob) Ambrogi, lawyer, journalist, media consultant and blogger, is known internationally for his work at the intersection of law, media and technology. In an interview with Mary Mack, Bob will share his views on the e-discovery industry and what trends he sees emerging in 2010. More info / register >

Webcast: The End of e-Discovery As We Know It?

12/9 – Be sure to register for this webcast featuring an outstanding panel of e-discovery experts discussing what’s wrong (and right) with the current e-discovery rules and system.  Moderated by Mary Mack, the panel members include:

  • Richard Braman, Executive Director of the Sedona Conference
  • Craig Merritt, Christian & Barton LLP & former member of The American College of Trial Lawyers Task Force on Discovery
  • Bruce Parker, Partner, Venable LLP – Lawyers for Civil Justice

More information / register >


Webcast: 25 and Counting – State e-Discovery Rules Taking Shape

Wed. 12/16 – As of Sept. 2009, twenty five states have adopted e-discovery procedural rules that reflect the 2006 FRCP amendments. Many others are considering changes. In this 3rd annual webcast, Tom Allman and Mary Mack provide an update.  More info / Register >

Webcast: Achieving Cost Control and Predictability in e-Discovery with SaaS Technology

Tues. 11/3 – Learn how software-as-a-service (SaaS) and cloud computing can provide control and cost predictability. Learn definitions and examples of SaaS technologies. Learn about SaaS for e-discovery and the benefits and risks of cloud computing and SaaS. More info / register >

Webcast: Winning Collaboration Strategies for Successful e-Discovery with Multiple Service Providers, Law Firms and Client Stakeholders

Tue. 10/27 – This webcast will provide litigation support professionals and paralegals with strategies for facilitating close collaboration among service providers, law firms and clients - crucial for an efficient, cost-effective discovery process.  More info / register >

Webcast: Sedona Conference Update: Achieving Quality in the E-Discovery Process

Wed. 10/07 - Learn about The Sedona Conference’s recently released document “Achieving Quality in the E-Discovery Process.” The speakers will discuss “quality measures” such as processes, tools, techniques, methods and metrics that can be applied during the discovery workflow process. More info / register >

Webcast: The Value of Project Management in e-Discovery

Tue. 9/29 — Learn about the impact of project management on the efficiency, cost and outcome predictability of e-discovery projects. Discussion will include the value and implications of project management and expected outcomes, the law firm environment, and building PM expertise.  More info / register >

Webcast: e-Discovery Case Law Update – Fall 2009

Tue. 9/15 — Case law on e-discovery actions continues to change rapidly. This quarterly update from Fios explores the implications of recent court decisions and the tactics and strategies organizations should consider to ensure legal and regulatory compliance.  Click here for details & registration info.

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