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Electronic Discovery Jobs

In the market for a new job? Interested in a career in forensics but not interested in dealing with blood and other bodily fluids a la prime time network television? Perhaps a career in the emerging field of electronic discovery might just be the perfect solution. Let help you with your electronic discovery job search.

Featured E-Discovery Company

Fios, Inc. | Electronic Discovery Simplified®
Fios provides electronic discovery services to corporate counsel and their law firms, enabling them to reduce costs, ensure defensibility in court and increase the likelihood of success by fully leveraging the growing universe of electronic evidence that is a part of every litigated matter.

Law Job Databases
Click on the links below to view the recent search results for job opportunities in the field of E-Discovery.

Yahoo!® Hot Jobs

International Legal Technology Association
An independent network of legal technology professionals.
The LSVA offers free job listings and has a steady stream of new job postings and concentrates on litigation support industry positions.

Minority Corporate Counsel Association Job Bank
The MCCA Job Bank provides information and job search capabilities to corporate law departments and corporate attorneys.

Recruiter Tips

As recruiters for the Electronic Discovery industry, Haystack Associates has learned a few key components that make for a great candidate. Below is a list of the top five things an ED hiring manager looks for in a candidate and the top five things that someone looking for a job in the ED marketplace should possess.

Operations Recruitment

The top five things an ED hiring manager should look for in an operations team candidate follows:

  1. Potential candidate should interact well with the Litigation Support and Technical Teams.
  2. Potential candidate should be able to manage relationships with clients.
  3. Potential candidate should be able to provide training and end-user assistance.
  4. Potential candidate should be highly organized, detail-oriented, self-motivated and efficient.
  5. Potential candidate should have the ability to work in fast-paced environment; be deadline driven.

The top five capabilities someone looking for an ED job should possess follows:

  1. Complete knowledge of potential employers company (history, size, funding, etc).
  2. Complete knowledge of the requirements for the specific position.
  3. Complete knowledge of the individual that you will be reporting to. At Haystack we make sure that our candidates receive a complete run-down of whom they will be speaking with during the phone screen as well as during the face-to-face interview. We even give them information about the receptionist.
  4. Complete knowledge of the team you will potentially be a member of. Again, at Haystack we prepare our candidates concerning each team member.
  5. Am I truly willing to "pull the trigger" if a job offer is given to me? Don't waste the company's time if you're not willing to make a move. This is a small industry and a good reputation is very important.

Sales Recruitment

The top five things an ED hiring manager should look for in a sales candidate follows:

  1. Proven sales experience. (Base salary, quota and W2 totals for the last 3 years.)
  2. Good "book of business" (Rolodex). Must have a good list of current ED customers that include law firms as well as corporate clients.
  3. Good knowledge of product (both current employer and potential employer).
  4. Excellent knowledge of current territory.
  5. Excellent knowledge of all competitors, including competition's product, current clients, and employees.

The top five capabilities someone looking for an ED job should possess follows:

  1. At Haystack we have our candidates prepare a 90-day business plan that they would execute if and when they are hired.
  2. Prepare a complete answer to the following question: "What was your most significant accomplishment?" You should spend a good amount of time on this question. A good answer to this question can cover most if not all of the interviewer's questions and concerns.
  3. Product knowledge (both current employers and competition).
  4. Proof of success (W2 for the last 3 years and pay-stub).
  5. At Haystack we have a term that we use to describe an excellent sales person."humbly aggressive." This tells an employer that you will aggressively go after business while preserving the employer's good reputation.

Another common requirement would be reference checks. At Haystack we provide our clients with in-depth confidential reference checks from past employers, past (and current if possible) co-workers, current competitors (a good reference from a competitor speaks volumes about a candidate's character), and friends.

For more information and current job openings, please go to

Job Search Resource Submission

If you know of an electronic discovery job search resource that should be listed on, don't keep silent - let us know. We're listening.

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