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The ED Therapist
By Ken Smiley | Fios, Inc.

Thinking E-Discovery
By Dennis Kennedy, Evan Schaeffer and Tom Mighell

Tammy R. Shea, Esq. | Epstein Becker Green Wickliff & Hall P.C. is this month's mover and shaker in e-discovery.

The Litigation Support Department
By Mark Lieb | Ad Litem Consulting

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This month's expert: Conor R. Crowley, Esq. | Labaton Sucharow & Rudoff LLP

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Proactive Solutions: The Next Generation of eDiscovery?
By Herbert L. Roitblat, Ph.D.
December 2005 |

Trends in Litigation
By Morgan O'Rourke
December 2005 | Risk Management Magazine

Civil Justice Reform - Legal Service Providers
Electronic Discovery: The Effect of The Proposed Amendments
December 2005 | Metropolitan Corporate Counsel

Ontrack Data Recovery Announces 2005 Top 10 List of Strangest (and Funniest) Data Disasters
Unbelievable but True Tales of Data Disaster and Remarkable Feats of Data Recovery
05 December 2005 |

Electronic Discovery Primer for Judges
By David K. Isom
Federal Courts Law Review - 2005 Fed. Cts. L. Rev. 1

Review Documents the Right Way in Discovery
By Dionne Carney Rainey
28 November 2005 |

Complete Disclosure
By Jonathon Crook, Jonathan Tardif and Andrew Szczech
17 November 2005 | Legal Week

New Corporate Counsel Research Models Convergence of Compliance and E-Discovery
15 November 2005 | PR Newswire

E-Discovery Trends 2006
November 2005 |

Electronic Evidence and the Proposed Changes to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
By Stephen R. Cochell & Tammy Wavle Shea
November 2005 |

Understanding U.S. Electronic Discovery and "Best Practices" Therefore
By Michael D. Kaminski
26 October 2005 | Foley & Lardner LLP

E-Discovery By the Numbers
12 October 2005 | Law Technology News

The Obligations of Inside and Outside Counsel Regarding Electronic Discovery
By Richard E. Donovan
October 2005 | The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel

The Zubulake Checklist
October 2005 | PSS Systems

Locate Smoking Guns in Cryptic Messages
By Conrad Jacoby
15 September 2005 | Law Technology News

EDD Checklist: Five Hurdles Your Firm Faces
By James Mittenthal & Olivia Gerrol
13 September 2005 | Law Technology News

For Your Information
By James D. Shook, Esq.
September 2005 | The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel

The Top Ten Faux Pas of TIFFs
By Daniel Pelc, Esq.
September 2005 | Law Practice Today

Reporting for Value in Electronic Discovery
By John ("Jack") A. Walker
September 2005 |

Econtent and the Law Practice
By Philip J. Britt
September 2005 | EContent Magazine

e-Tampering: E-mail evidence is difficult to get rid of, and getting caught trying means serious trouble.
By Hal Cohen
30 August 2005 | Greater Baton Rouge Business Report

Voice Mail May Be the Next Legal Minefield
By Fred J. Aun
25 August 2005 | CIO Insight

Taking on EDD's Herculean Tasks
By Ron Raider and Danielle Williams
01 August 2005 | The National Law Journal

EDD: Opportunity At Your Door
By James D. Shook, Esq.
August 2005 | The Paragraph: Georgia Association of Paralegals

Litigation Management: E is for E-disclosure
28 July 2005 | Legal IT

Adapting Paper-Based Rules to E-Discovery
By Theodore O. Rogers Jr. and Thomas Barnett
26 July 2005 | New York Law Journal

Let's Get Relevant: Using Document Analytics To Reduce Total Discovery Cost
By Mike Kinnaman
June 2005 | e-Discovery: Law & Strategy

Spoliation of Electronic Evidence: This Way Be Dragons
By Sharon D. Nelson and John W. Simek
June 2005 | Law Practice Today

The Andersen Decision and Document Management Under Sarbanes-Oxley
June 2005 | Washington Legal Foundation

A Suggested Rule for Electronic Discovery in Illinois Administrative Proceedings
Thomas R. Mulroy, Jr. and Kristopher J. Stark | McGuireWoods LLP
DePaul Business & Commercial Law Journal, Volume 3, Fall 2004, Number 1

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Corporate Litigation Readiness
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Basic Principles of Automated Litigation Support
By Tom O'Connor
2005 - Legal Electronic Document Institute
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